Repeats with a Twist - Karsten Creek Golf Club, Stillwater OK

Once again, I've realized that this is another restaurant that I've completely forgotten to post about.  Probably because we really don't eat here very often. Honestly one of the main reasons is that it's completely off the beaten path.  Karsten Creek Golf Club is the home of the Oklahoma State golf program, and also a very exclusive neighborhood. It's about a 15 minute drive from campus, and then once you turn off Hwy 51 it's still another 5 minutes to the clubhouse.  

The golf course is private, of course. There's also 3 amazing lodges on site, each with 2 separate complete floors so you can rent one floor or a whole lodge.  I don't know how much they cost, but I have a feeling it's one of those things that if you have to ask, you can't afford it. I've never stayed in one, but when OSU hosted the men's golf national championships a couple of years ago I spent a lot of time in one that had been rented by one of our suiteholders.  

The restaurant is open for breakfast & lunch only.  It's not a very big restaurant, seating about 50.  It's a gorgeous space, with super high ceilings, exposed beams, and huge windows looking out to the course.
Photo Courtesy of  Karsten Creek Golf Club
The menu is on the smaller side, which works very well for me. We had a large group on Wednesday, as we were there to celebrate Mary's last day at OSU.  They had recommended that we pre-order that morning so we wouldn't have a really long wait. Clay and I were the rebels of the group, and waited until we arrived to place our order. But it was okay, because we really didn't have to wait very long at all. It probably helps that our reservation was 11:30, before the lunch rush.
Fresh tortilla chips, grilled chicken, pico de gallo, queso and cheddar-jack cheese
Tia and Emma got the chicken nachos.  I tried some, and they were really good.  And addictive.  I kept picking at Tia's even after I was done eating.

CHICKEN QUESADILLA - Grilled chicken, pico de gallo and cheddar-jack cheese in a flour tortilla
Fresh chicken tenders hand-breaded and deep fried or seasoned and grilled
Mary always gets the grilled chicken tenders.  They look so boring and bland, but she says they're really good.  I'll just have to trust her on that one.

KARSTEN CREEK BLT - Applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on thick wheatberry bread
Clay and I both got the Swinging Pete burger (Fried onion petals, bacon, bbq sauce and cheddar cheese).  He got the fresh cut chips and I got the sweet potato fries.  I got the BBQ sauce on the side, and he didn't get any at all.

The burger was delicious.  So much flavor.  I had asked for it cooked medium and it was more towards medium well, but I survived. I substituted pepper jack instead of cheddar, and am glad I did because it added a nice kick.  The BBQ sauce was good, and I ended up mixing it with the ketchup for the fries. The fries were delicious.  I was a little worried, because Ellen and Stephanie's fries looked like they were the bottom of the batch, and they both commented on it.  Thankfully mine were fresh and hot.

I'll definitely continue to go back here.  I've never been for breakfast, so may have to try it out one day.