My Chef's Hat - Seared Scallops

Last week when I stopped at Bodean market in Tulsa, I couldn't decide what to get, but knew I wanted to try something different than my standard salmon and shrimp.  I eventually settled on clams & mussels, steamed them, and made myself a great new dish.  I also bought some scallops.  I had never made them before, and really only started eating them a couple of years ago.  Honestly I've been afraid to cook scallops because I didn't want to overcook them.  Or undercook them.  Either way it would be a bad deal. But the fish monger gave me good recommendations of how to prepare them the right way. He recommended the jumbo scallops, so I went with those.  I got 4 of them, which he said was a substantial amount for one person.

I went on Pinterest when I got home, just to make sure I got the perfect recipe.  And I found tons of them.  The process for searing is pretty much the same across the board. What changes are the sauces, and what you serve them with.  I decided to go basic with the sauce, with a Seared Scallops Recipe.  

Here is the recipe version

And here is my version, served over asparagus risotto

Once again, just like my clams/mussels experience, I was completely impressed with myself.  The scallops were cooked perfectly. Gorgeous caramel sear on the outside, creamy on the inside.  I was really worried that I would overcook them, so I watched them like a hawk the whole time.  The risotto was a really good accompaniment as well. I didn't really believe the fish monger when he said this would be enough for one person.  By themselves, probably not. But with something else, then it's plenty.

Will I make these again?  Most definitely.  And I will get more adventurous with the different sauces and other accompaniments.

Recipe found on Leite's Culinaria