Repeats with a Twist - McGill's, Tulsa OK

Last week I was doing my stewardship visits with club seat holders in Tulsa. I was meeting a couple, and they recommended McGill's.  I enjoyed my first meal there so much, I figured why not.  And this way I could try it for both lunch and dinner.  

The atmosphere of the restaurant is still very dinner-like, with low lights.  The main difference is no white tablecloths.  Our reservation was for 11:45, and when I arrived a few minutes early the restaurant was already about half full.  I'm sure it gets packed as the lunch hour progresses.  The lunch menu is much smaller, and the prices are very reasonable.  

I'm trying to make better food choices when I go out to eat.  I'm very good at doing that at home, but it's not so easy on the road.  The bad stuff really tempts me.  I was already planning to have seafood for dinner, but decided to try a seafood dish for lunch anyway. Honestly, I can never get enough good seafood, and they have that here.

I started with the french onion soup

This was excellent.  I wish they had a larger portion, because I would have devoured it. So many times broth is really salty, but this one wasn't at all.  It just provided a great depth of flavor.

Bruce got the tuna salad, served in a hollowed out tomato, with fruit

I was surprised at the size of this dish.  It was a ton of salad!  And lots of fresh fruit.  I'm sure it's very light and refreshing.

Stephanie got the salad trio.  It's a scoop each of tuna salad, chicken salad, and seafood salad, with bread toasts and fruit.  

Again, looks really light and refreshing.  And a ton of food.  Stephanie was only able to finish about half of it.

I thought about getting the pasta lobster, but when the server described the dish, it sounded heavier than I wanted. So I went with the orange roughy
Lightly dusted and sauteed in white wine
Wow, this was really, really good.  I was pleasantly surprised at how large the fish was. It was light and really well seasoned.  The brown rice was seasoned as well.  Not sure what they used, but it was excellent.  Brown rice is often very mealy (which is why I mix it with white rice when I make it), but this one had more of a white rice texture.  The vegetables were cooked tender-crisp.  

I will definitely be going back.  And more than likely for lunch, or happy hour.