#22 - Ghengis Grill, Oklahoma City, OK

I'm a pretty big fan of Mongolian stir-fry. There's tons to choose from...types of protein, all kinds of veggies, sauces, and even the type of starch. Sometimes they'll make it in front of you, but regardless they always make it fresh, and you know exactly what's in it.  Once again, it's a place that would do really well in Stillwater.

My parents and I were in Oklahoma City running errands, and we decided to go to Ghengis Grill for lunch.  The one in OKC is pretty new, no more than maybe 6 months old, on Memorial right next to Best Buy.  I had never been there before...when I was in Dallas back in May I went to one, but they had a smoking section, and I don't do restaurants where you can smoke unless there's a completely separate room. 

Since none of us had ever been there before, the waiter took us on a "tour" of the restaurant and explained how the whole process worked.  Everything was really well laid out, and I liked that you could serve yourself...unlike other Mongolian stir fry places I had been to where the staff did it for you. 

I went with the chicken, a little of the Cajun seasoning, the dragon sauce, and brown rice. And a whole bunch of veggies.  Once you fill your bowl, you give it to the cooks, sit back down at your table, and the servers bring it out

Our server had said we should pile the bowl with veggies because they cook down a lot. I thought I did, but clearly it wasn't enough because I felt like there weren't nearly enough once it came to the table. But at that point it was too late.

But even so, it was absolutely delicious!  My parents took longer than me to decide what they wanted so our meals came at separate times.  Not too far apart, but I was already more than a few bites in before they were served. 

Will I go back?  Definitely!  The food is hot, fresh and delicious.  And it's one of those places where you could eat there every day for a month and never get exactly the same thing twice.