Repeats with a Twist - Nhinja Sushi, Oklahoma City , OK

My mom refuses to try sushi.  I've explained that it's not all raw, it's very fresh, and that she would really enjoy it. But nothing...she won't even consider it.  But, since I was driving as we ran errands in OKC and I was craving sushi, I decided we would go to Nhinja Sushi & Wok.  That way my parents could get the wok items, and I could satisfy my sushi craving.

I tried to remember what I had gotten the first time, to no avail.  I then tried to look up the blog post on my phone, but it wasn't cooperating and I couldn't get the phone to show me the blog posts that far back.  So I gave up and just went ahead and ordered things I thought I hadn't gotten last time.

We started with an order of the edamame.  I forgot to take a was good, and perfectly cooked.  Just the way it should be.  It was also a lot less salty than the one we had a Pearl's.

I went with the Nhinja and Thunder rolls.
Nhinja:(L)  Salmon, cream cheese,jalapeno,scallions, spicy mayo, sesameseeds, (tempura)
Thunder: (R) Tempura shrimp,avocado,toppedw/crabsticks,spicy mayo
First and most importantly, I was quite impressed with myself since I didn't order either of these the first time.  I was a little worried the Nhinja would be really spicy, since it had both jalapenos and spicy mayo.  But the cream cheese cut the spiciness, and all I tasted was the great flavor.  The Thunder roll is very good too.  It would be even better if they used real crab, but I know that won't happen here, so no point in even complaining about it.

My parents both got the Classic Broccoli wok dish with tofu.

Classic Broccoli with tofu:  broccoli,carrots, ginger, signature house soy garlic
I am very impressed with how much food you get in the wok menu items for about $8.  You definitely won't leave hungry, and the veggies are cooked perfectly tender-crisp.  I've never been a fan of tofu.  To me, it has absolutely no flavor, and I don't like the texture.  I've tried it once or twice, but it did absolutely nothing for me.  I decided to give it another shot from my dad's plate, and was actually pleasantly surprised.  I wouldn't order it for myself, but I could eat a piece or two off a friend's plate. 

Will I go back?  Well of course, since I've already gone back once since my first visit in June!  The food comes out quickly, and it's hot and clearly freshly cooked.  I'm gonna go with a wok dish next time, just because.