#23 - Fox & Hound, Oklahoma City OK

A couple years ago I decided to start hand-delivering tickets to suiteholders in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Enid.  Just the OKC & Tulsa deliveries constitute over half of the ticket packages.  Most important, it's a great personal touch point and the suiteholders really appreciate me delivering them in person.  Some pro teams take players on the deliveries.  I could probably do that in Stillwater, but I don't think Coach Gundy would be too fired up about players missing a full day of pre-season camp to deliver tickets outside of the local area.  Also, the suite tickets are heavy, and therefore expensive to ship--even with driving and an overnight hotel stay, it's about 2/3 of the cost.  But again, you can't put a cost on that personal interaction.  Some I'll just drop and go after a few minutes; others we'll sit and chat for up to 30 minutes. 

After a full day of deliveries, it was time for some dinner.  We decided to go to Fox & Hound, since it was right next to the hotel and I had never been there before.  We sat in the bar area, to watch one of the 18 million TV's.  I didn't notice until about 10 minutes in that you could smoke in the bar area.  But the ceilings are super high, so the smoke went straight up and when we left we didn't smell like smoke at all.

I started with a blackberry long island iced tea (LIT).  Normally LIT's have a serious punch, and one is more than enough with dinner.  Not sure if the bartender was holding back or what, but there was a lot more juice than anything else.  I was more than a little disappointed, especially since there were signs all over about this great "drink special". 

I decided to go with the grilled salmon
Salmon seasoned with Cajun spice, then grilled and topped with poblano sauce, fresh tomatoes and green onions. Served with our spicy jambalaya rice.
The salmon was good, but a little over-cooked.  The poblano sauce added a little heat, but not too much.  The spicy jambalaya rice, on the other hand, had a serious kick.  It was a little too much kick...it overpowered the rice, and all I could think about was how spicy it was, and not about the flavor. 

Will I go back?  Yes.  I definitely wasn't wow'd by the overall experience, but I want to give it another chance.  I considered several other things on the menu before choosing the salmon, so I want to give them a try.