Repeats with a Twist - Gage's Steakhouse, Guthrie, OK

I've realized that when people want to celebrate in Guthrie with good food, they go to Gage's Steakhouse.  It's in the basement of a building in the center of downtown.  The first time I went I thought that was kind of weird to be in the basement, but it's very spacious, and being down there is a pretty cool atmosphere.  The down side to having to walk down the steps is that they're the metal ones like you go up/down to get onto the small airplanes, so every step your heels get caught...but thankfully they covered it with carpet, so problem solved!  There's an elevator, but I'd much rather take the challenge of the steps...

A couple weeks ago I met a group of friends to celebrate AJ's birthday.  I don't get down to Guthrie as often as I would like, so it was a great opportunity to spend time with everyone.  We started with drinks in the bar area, and our massive long table was right there as well.

We started with several orders of the deep fried tobacco onions, as we enjoyed our drinks and perused the menu.  They're prepared exactly how I like...thinly sliced, breaded, and fried. 

I hadn't had a good steak in quite a while, so I decided to treat myself.  I probably should have split with someone, but Delmonico is probably my favorite cut of meat, so sharing just wasn't even an option. 

Now, before I go any further, a caveat...we had a very large group, about 25 of us.  It's not easy to prepare meals for that many people, especially when just about everyone had something different.  My dish wasn't as hot as I would normally like.  I don't need it scalding, but it was almost lukewarm.  Shannon said his dish was the same.  So that was disappointing.  But, I have also been there with a much smaller group of about 8, and it was perfect.

On the flip side, even though the temperature wasn't ideal, the food was fantastic, as always.  The meat was cooked perfectly, the asparagus was tender-crisp, and the potato had a lot of flavor.  I didn't eat the carrots, but I rarely eat cooked carrots unless they're mixed with other stuff.  I only ate a little of the tobacco onions, but that's because I had a bunch during the appetizer course. 

Will I go back?  No question!  It's one of my favorite places in Guthrie, and I always have a good time when I go.