#1 - Fat Guy's Burger Bar - Tulsa, OK

So my first stop is, of course, a burger joint!  We were headed to the caravan in Bartlesville, and stopped for lunch at Fat Guy's Burger Bar in downtown Tulsa.  James Batley found the restaurant on Urban Spoon, and we agreed it was the place to go. 

I think I might need to call Guy Fieri for it to be on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.  The menu is small, and let's be honest--I didn't see any healthy options.  But it was really good!  I had the Fat & Juicy Burger, and it was exactly that and more.  They actually warn you not to squeeze the burger when you bite into it, because it could explode!  I'm happy to say my white tee shirt was still clean and white when we left.  The fries with the caramelized onion aioli dipping sauce were really good.   

If you're in downtown Tulsa looking for a place with good, inexpensive food, then I definitely recommend it!