Recommendations Please!!

Thanks to Janaki Cash for the recommendation of for new recipes!  I had already kinda found the site, as some of their recipes are  on Pinterest.  But I'll definitely be using the foodgawker site more.  Thanks also to Mindy Walthall (better known to me as Maryl) for recommending Murphy's Hamburgers in Bartlesville.  I'll definitely add that to the list.  And thanks to Jerry Winchester...he didn't officially recommend S&B's Burger Joint to me, but I saw a post on his facebook page so he gets the credit!

As I was looking up the Murphy's website (which they unfortunately don't have, BTW) I came across  Wow, it's exactlly what I need for my food tour!!  Between the eating tours, restaurants and recipes, this site will definitely keep me busy and hopefully provide me with lots of options for when I'm out of town. 

So if any of you have a favorite restaurant or someplace that I absolutely must try, please let me know!  I'm always open to suggestions, and will make sure to give you the credit you deserve :)