My Chef's Hat - Avocado Basil Pasta with Bacon

Avocado, bacon, and pasta...3 of my favorite things to eat!  I could probably eat bacon every day, but I don't need my cholesterol to go through the roof, or gain 500 pounds.  So, only in moderation and only every few weeks.  However, last year at the Fiesta bowl when we had a daily buffet breakfast at the hotel, I ate the bacon like it was my job.  About the third day my mom asked me "do you eat like this every day"?  It was then I realized I was probably going a little overboard.  If you think that stopped me, then you don't know me very well...besides, it was only one week.  So I continued to take full advantage, and once I got home it was probably 2 months before I even looked at bacon again.

It's been about a million degrees outside since Sunday, and the last thing I wanted was something heavy for lunch.  This recipe said it was a refreshing summer meal.  So I was sold... Avocado basil pasta with bacon it was.

I had to hold myself back from eating all the avocado while I waited for the pasta and bacon to cook.  I didn't have fresh lemons, so I was stuck with the bottled lemon juice.  It was okay, but I know it would be even better with fresh.  Note to self:  always have fresh lemons on hand.  They cost like 20 cents each.  I also didn't have pecorino romano cheese, so I used freshly grated parmesan instead and it was still great.  So no need to buy another chunk of cheese that will just sit in my fridge. 

Here's the recipe version:

And here's my version:

What a great lunch!  It was light, had lots of flavor, and I could have easily eaten another bowl.  But then I guess that would defeat the purpose of the light part.  If I was eating it for dinner I would probably add some grilled chicken, just for a little extra healthy protein.  Also, the fresh garlic was probably a little strong.  A reviewer suggested sauteeing it in a little olive oil first, or using garlic powder.  I'll try both ways, and see which one works better.

Yes, this will definitely make it onto my regular lunch rotation.

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