#11 - Miss Shirley's Cafe, Baltimore, MD

First stop on our trip to NYC was breakfast.  I wanted to find a fun place in Baltimore, figuring we could at least get away from some traffic before stopping.   So online I went, and one of the first places that popped up was Miss Shirley's Cafe.  We went to the location in the Inner Harbor...not the smartest idea at 8am on a Friday.  And of course garage parking is at least $8.  They also have a location in Roland Park (B'more), Annapolis, and a food truck.  We decided to make one lap to find street parking, and if it didn't work out, we would just find a McDonald's because we were both starving.  Luck was on our side, and we found a spot on the street, just a block from Miss Shirley's.

It's located on the street level corner of the Constellation Energy building right in the heart of the Inner Harbor.  It's relatively small, nearly every table was full, and they had great jazz music playing in the background.  We knew we had hit the jackpot.  Plus, they won 8 awards in the Baltimore Magazine best restaurants reader's poll...

We started with the Chesapeake Deviled Eggs...
Four Deviled Egg Halves with Jumbo Lump MD Crab Meat,
Diced Tomato, 
Chives & a Sprinkle of Old Bay
One bite, and we were both in heaven.  I could have easily eaten about 3 more orders.  The "deviled" part of the eggs were creamy and delicious; the crab was fresh; and the old bay added just the right kick. 

For my entree, I got the Southern Slammer
Fried Green Tomato, Applewood-Smoked Bacon, Avocado, 
White Cheddar Cheese & Fried Egg on Pumpernickel
I'm not the hugest fan of pumpernickel, but it was actually pretty tasty.  I think it was homemade,and fresh, homemade bread always tastes better.  The fried green tomatoes were perfectly done, and the avocado added the perfect creamy texture.  The egg was cooked a little more than I would normally do, but that's just my personal preference. If I get a fried egg again, I just have to remember to ask them to under-cook them slightly.  I chose the savory grits with diced bacon as my side.  Honestly, I was a little disappointed.  I prefer creamier grits, and these still had a little too much bite for my liking.  The other side option was shredded potato & onion hash browns.  I almost always get hash browns when I eat out for breakfast, so I wanted something different. 

And Kara got the Cinnamon Roll French Toast.
Dipped in an Almond Scented Egg Mix, dusted with Cinnamon &
Powdered Sugar & drizzled with Cream Cheese Icing
I didn't try the french toast, but she said it was amazing. 

Will I go back?  No question!  I rarely go to Baltimore when I come to visit, but this place was good enough that I would love to make the trip back.  And besides, it will be a good excuse to do the Baltimore tourist thing.