Repeats with a Twist - Interurban, Edmond, OK

I was back in Edmond on Tuesday night, staying at a friend's house before my super-early flight back to Maryland on Wednesday.  We couldn't decide on a specific type of food, so we decided to go to Interurban, since they've got lots of different things on the menu. 

I've eaten at Interurban before, but never at the Edmond location.  I usually go to the one in Norman, on my way to Dallas.  The last time I went I inadvertently wore my blazing orange Weeden to Blackmon tee shirt.  I just hope they didn't spit in my food...

The two locations almost look like different restaurants.  Apparently Norman is the original location.  Both are casual...Norman is a little more upscale casual, but I think I preferred the Edmond location.  It just seemed more laid back.  Maybe because it's so close to UCO.  Either way, the menu's the same so I knew I would get some good food.

Tuesday is $5 burger night, for everything but the "double-double bacon cheeseburger".  That sounds like a heart attack on a plate, and you might as well inject it directly into your arteries.  So I went with the California Burger, made with monterey jack, avocado and bacon.  I also started with a side salad, because I needed something relatively healthy to go with the burger. 

Once again, I forgot to take a picture, and only remembered about halfway through my meal.  I ordered the burger medium.  It was a tad overcooked, but still really good. The bacon was cooked perfectly and the avocado added a great creamy texture.  Even better than the inside was that it came on grilled ciabbata bread.  I love the ciabatta in general, and with the burger it was even better.  I went with the fries as the side.  They were decent basic fries, but in hindsight I should have tried the homemade potato chips. 

Will I go back?  Definitely!  I've tried several different dishes in the past (El Pollo Guapo, California Club, and Dixieland Bowtie Pasta) and they were all really good.  And there's a lot of other items on the menu to try out.