#17 - GrillMarx Steakhouse & Raw Bar - Olney, MD

The rest of the drive from Philly back to Maryland was brutal.  We stopped a couple times for caffeine, and at the rest stop in Delaware Kara bought me the largest Starbucks drink we could get.  We had been planning to stop at Wegman's so she could see the newest location, and also I wanted to drive her through campus to see all the changes since the last time she'd been in Maryland.  But between our exhaustion, traffic, and being on a time crunch we skipped all that and headed to my parents' house.

Why the time crunch?  To go eat another meal, of course!  We were meeting Michele and Mikki at GrillMarx Steakhouse on Sunday evening for dinner.  It's owned by our friend  Andy.  Unfortunately he wasn't there that night, but don't worry, there will be an Andy story in a couple more posts.

The place was packed, which is great for a random Sunday evening in the summer.  We started with cocktails, chatting and catching up.  Kara sees Michele quite a bit and I usually see Michele & Mikki when I come back to visit in the summer, but it had been years since we'd spent time together as a group.

I love steak, and I'd heard great things about the steaks from Mikki, but I felt like I needed some seafood to counteract all the other stuff I'd been eating all weekend.  We started with salads.  The salad itself was good, but I wasn't a huge fan of the croutons.  Not sure if they had been sitting in the lettuce mix or what, but they were soft and I much prefer crunchy croutons.  But I just took them out, and enjoyed the rest of my salad. 

Our waiter recommended the off-the-menu special, which was wild Alaskan salmon--can't remember how it was prepared.  I ordered it, until the waiter came back and told me it was $37.  I love salmon, but don't need to spend that much on it.  So I ordered the grilled salmon entree instead.
Yukon Potato, Bacon and Onion Hash with Chilled Fennel Salad and Chardonnay-Butter Sauce
The salmon was huge, and really good.  I'd never tried fennel before and it was okay, but I didn't notice very much flavor.  The sauce was delicious and blended perfectly with the salmon.  The potato, bacon & onion hash was awesome.  The potatoes still had good texture, and the green onion provided a really good, mild flavor.

Will I go back?  Of course!  It's owned by a friend, the food is delicious, and there's lots more items on the menu that I still need to try.