#16 - Sabrina's Cafe - Philadelphia, PA

Kara, Nadine and I had lots of fun times together in college with our other girlfriends.  Nothing crazy, nothing outrageous, but just tons of fun.  This of course includes a spring break in South Padre with 15 girls, a 2-room suite, and even more tons of fun.  Oh and this guy we met whose line to girls was that he was Ryan Minor, who used to play b-ball for OU.  Too bad OU was playing in the NCAA tourney that year, during our spring break, and I busted him on it. 

We hadn't seen each other in years.  I don't know if we ever really figured out exactly how many, but definitely at least 6.  So we decided to meet up for lunch in Philly.  It was a perfect mid-point to stop on our drive home.  And let me assure you, after a long weekend in NYC, we needed as many stops as we could get.

Nadine suggested Sabrina's Cafe, because she'd heard they had a great Sunday brunch.  They have 3 locations, and two of them actually let you BYOB!  But the one we went to didn't, and I'm guessing it's because it's right on the Drexel University campus, inside what looks like a campus building.  The place was packed, but Nadine had called ahead so we didn't have to wait too long.

Our waitress said the brunch specials change regularly.  I ended up going with the Onyx Slamburger because she said the popularity of the burgers are the reason the owner opened up a burger place across the hall.  Sold
Grilled angus burger on brioche with fresh spinach & tomato.  
Topped with grilled turkey bacon, roasted vidalia onion, Cheddar, 
Gruyere & horseradish-basil-roasted corn dijonnaise
Once I figured out how to get my mouth around the entire burger, I was in heaven!  The meat by itself had so much flavor, and all the toppings just added more flavor, if that's even possible.  The sweet potato fries were topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon, and were amazing.

Kara and Nadine split the Stuffed Challah French Toast and Alfred's Wing Man Mexi Special
Farmer's cream cheese topped with bananas and vanilla bean syrup
Scrambled eggs with tomatillos, black beans, green onion, tri bell peppers and pepper jack cheese.  Served with fried cilantro-mesa corn bread with roasted poblano pico de gallo and guacamole
One thing is certain...you will never leave hungry!  Kara & Nadine's food came out at least 5 minutes before mine, which we weren't too fired up about.  And the 3 of us probably could have split the 2 breakfast items.  I tried both of their items, and they were amazing.  I don't normally like mushy bananas, but they were still just firm enough that I didn't feel like I was eating baby food.  And the cream cheese lent the perfect creamy texture.  The eggs had a delicious kick, and the guacamole was homemade.

Will I go back?  The next time I'm in Philly, no question!!  The food was delicious, and I would love to try other things on the menu.  The only down side is that it didn't seem like the AC was working so we were melting, but the food made up for it.

I told Kara I wanted to run up the museum steps like Rocky, to work off some of the food we ate.  But the GPS took us out of Philly the other way.  And besides, I would have been crawling by the third set of steps, and it was a million degrees outside.  Maybe next time.