#49 - Apertivos Wine Bistro - Flower Mound, TX

OSU baseball played at TCU earlier this spring. Even though I had just been down in Dallas a few weeks before, I took the baseball game as a sign that I needed to go back!  I drove down Thursday evening, and we decided to eat at Apertivos Wine Bistro

Located in a strip mall area in Flower Mound, Apertivos has been open for about 3 years.  Joni and I had stopped in there the last time I was in town for a little pick-me-up coffee.  They were giving free samples of their desserts, which were all delicious.

Apertivos is a great little spot.  It's got about 15 tables, a mix of short tables, bistro height tables and also a few couches by the fireplace.  They have a good-sized wine list and also a full menu.  Joni said that she and Tony had gone there for Valentine's Dinner and they had a great time and really good food.  

We all said we weren't really that hungry, so we decided to do an appetizer and split a couple of the flatbread pizzas.  We started with the crab empanadas
Blue crab, roasted corn, sweet bell peppers, Spanish chorizo,
roasted red piquillo pepper sauce

This was so delicious!!  It was hot and fresh, the crab was really good, and I could have honestly just eaten about 3 more of those and been really happy.  But we forged ahead and ordered pizza.  We went with the Classic Margherita and Mediterranean Chicken
Mozzarella, basil, tomato, marinara
Roasted chicken, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, pesto spread
I think they had been sitting completed for at least 5 minutes before they were brought to the table because they weren't as screaming hot as I would like. Temperature aside, they were both delicious.  I'd never had pesto spread on a pizza, but I really like the flavor it gives.  I may have to try that at home. 

Will I go back?  Definitely!  It's a great place for an afternoon coffee or glass of wine, and I want to try out some more of their appetizer options.