#55 - Freddy's Steakburgers - Enid, OK

Mary and I were headed to Enid for the Cowboy Caravan back in May.  It's only about an hour from Stillwater, but we still usually head get to town early enough to eat a late lunch before we go to the venue to get set up.  We used to eat at Pastimes Café, located in downtown Enid, right across the street from the convention center where the caravan used to be.  But, in the spirit of the food blog, we decided to try something new. 

TripAdvisor lists Costello's Continental Cuisine as #1 in Enid, so we headed there.  Unfortunately, it's only open until 2 for lunch, and since we had left Stillwater so late we got there at 1:45.  We had also considered Callahan's Pub, so we headed downtown to find it.  We drove around in circles a couple of times, finally found it, and just weren't very impressed with how it looked from the outside.  Pastimes had closed down, and had been replaced by Napoli's.  It didn't look like it was open, so we continued on our search. Mary thought she had seen a Wing Stop during the drive, so we headed there.  It actually turned out to be Wings to Go.  One step in the door, and we walked back out...pretty sketchy looking.  So finally we decided to go to Freddy's Steakburgers.  A Freddy's opened in Stillwater about a year ago, and on the day I tried to go it was full of 8  million kids in town for baseball league, and old people.  So I left, and have never made it back. 

By the time we made it to Freddy's it was almost 3PM so it was pretty empty.  The menu isn't huge, but it's still a little overwhelming because there are lots of choices.  After staring at the menu for a few minutes, I went with the #1...the original double with fries & a drink.

I really didn't need a double, but I didn't realize that they had single burgers until after we had sat down.  But I wasn't going to let a little thing like that hold me back.  The burger was delicious.  It reminds me of Steak & Shake, with the thin patties.  I'm normally not a fan of thin burgers, but since it's steak and not regular burger meat, it tasted really good.  The fries were fantastic.  I love those thin cut fries, and they were hot and fresh.

When we finally made it to Oakwood Country Club to set up for the caravan and told people about our lunch adventure, almost everyone asked if we had eventually gone to Napoli's.  By the 4th person, we realized that we should have gone there.  So we decided that we would eat at Napoli's when we were driving to the caravan in Woodward.

Will I go back?  Definitely!  I don't know that it's any healthier than a regular fast food place, but I like that they bring the food out to you, and I'm quite sure its cooked fresh, as opposed to fast food that's been sitting there for who knows how long.  And next time I will get the single burger...and maybe a milkshake or frozen custard too.