#52 - Chuy's, Norman, OK

Mary and I were on our way down to Tyler, TX for the caravan and stopped for lunch in Norman.  Our original plan was to stop in OKC, but there's really nothing but fast food close to the highway in OKC.  So on to Norman we went.  No surprise, I was of course wearing an OSU t shirt. But at least it was grey and it was the faded orange, so it wasn't too blazingly bright.   As usual, we hadn't decided where to eat, and neither of us cared, but when we saw Chuy's, Mary was sold.  I had never eaten there before, so that sold me.

As we walked in, we saw a couple of OU football players eating, and they kind of looked at us with that "look", since I was wearing my OSU. But we just ignored them and went to our table.

As we perused the menu, we got warm chips, salsa fresca, and creamy jalapeno sauce. 

The creamy jalapeno sauce is so good!!  It's not spicy at all, and I could literally just eat it straight from the bowl.  But that would be kind of gross.

We also got a margarita. I figured one wouldn't hurt, especially since I knew I'd be chowing down on the chips and my meal.

Yep, the margarita was absolutely delicious!  And I love that it comes in the mini shaker.  I really wanted to take mine home with me, but didn't think they would appreciate it.  I stuck with one, followed by lots of water, since we were heading down the road after lunch.

The biggest negative with the menu is the length...way too much to choose from, and it all sounded good.  But honestly, if that's the worst thing, then I really can't complain.  I decided to try the veggie enchiladas.  My theory was that we would be eating lots of unhealthy stuff over the next couple of days, so the veggies would help counteract that.

Spinach, onions, zucchini, yellow squash, red bell peppers, serranos, roasted green chiles, corn & cheese in homemade blue corn tortillas with Ranchero sauce
The enchiladas were really delicious.  I'd never had blue corn tortillas before, but I had eaten blue corn chips so it's really all the same thing.  It lends a more earthy flavor and a mealier texture than regular tortillas, but they were good.  Many places will absolutely drown the enchiladas in cheese and sauce.  These enchiladas had a lot less sauce, but that didn't detract from the flavor at all.  To me it made it even better.  The rice was good, but nothing really that special. 

Will I go back?  Definitely!  The margaritas are awesome, the food is delicious, and there's lots of other things on the menu that I want to try.  And we actually went after the caravan for a margarita, and of course some chips and creamy jalapeno sauce.