#58 - Mike's Sports Grill, Lawton, OK

Every year when we go to Altus for the caravan it's about 100 degrees.  And I swear the temperature rises as we drive there.  No matter what, by the time we reach the Expo Center for the caravan, the heat just assaults us when we open the car door.

Altus is about a 3.5 hour drive from Stillwater, and once you get past OKC, there's nothing to eat until you get to Lawton.  We normally eat in OKC, but we were heading down earlier to get set up because we were supposed to do a tour of the Altus AFB before the caravan.  So we decided to stop in Lawton for lunch.  We normally just drive through the outskirts of Lawton, so we were very surprised at how big and nice it actually is.  But since Ft. Sill is there, I guess it's got to be big.

We checked out TripAdvisor, and decided to try Mike's Sports Grill, since it was ranked #7 and it looked like it had a good diverse selection of food.  From the outside it really doesn't look like much.  Not that it looked bad, but it was just kind of bland.  But the parking lot was packed so that's a good sign.  I definitely like the inside.  There's seating to both the right and left of the greeter booth, a bar behind it, and an indoor/outdoor patio.  There's tons of TV's throughout the restaurant.  It would be a great place for a game watch location.

We were immediately seated, and started browsing through the menu.  We knew we were going to have a huge dinner...the steaks in Altus and Enid are the best on our caravan tour.  But we were also really hungry and knew we had a lot of time before dinner would be ready.  

I started with a salad

Mary went with the smothered bronzed chicken.  I had a much harder time deciding, and in the spirit of food blog research finally decided on the Kansas City pork wild wings...I liked the name and it was something fun and new.
A lightly blackened chicken breast smothered with grilled onion, bell pepper & sauteed mushrooms then topped with melted Swiss cheese
Where do pigs fly? Once you have tried this wing-style pork you may never go back to the chicken. Heck, you may never go back to ribs either! Served with a side of chipotle BBQ sauce
I tried a bite of Mary's chicken and it was delicious.  The cheese helped the chicken stay very moist.  And she remembered to ask for no mushrooms.  Mine was fantastic!  I had never heard of pork wings before.  I was shocked at how much food I got, because each wing was huge and there were 4 of them.  The sauce was really good.  Tangy, but not too thick, and not spicy.  I prefer breaded onion rings over battered, but they were hot and crisp and delicious so I ate them.  The fries were really good too, but I only ate about half of them...cardinal sin for me, but I was trying to save room for the wings. 

Will I go back?  Yes!  I like getting to Altus early to set up, and then having time to go to the hotel and change before the caravan.  So the early departure time works a lot better, and Lawton will now be our lunch stop.