Repeats with a Twist - Nhinja Sushi, Edmond, OK

On the way back from Altus we stopped in OKC to get some lunch.  We were starving, and Mary had never been to Nhinja Sushi & Wok, so we decided to go there. I was originally thinking sushi, but I also really like their wok dishes and need to branch in that direction more in this restaurant.  The sushi is great, but I think already I've tried most of the rolls that have caught my eye.

I've been into Nhinja Sushi numerous times, and I really like it there.  The food is always fresh and delicious, they cook the wok dishes to order (like most places), and service is fast.  The raw sushi ingredients are in the display case right in front of you as you stand in line to order.  I don't do raw, but it does look pretty.  The restaurant only has about 20 tables.  Sometimes it's packed, and other times there's only a couple of tables full, but there's always a crowd. 

Mary went with the Mongolian beef, and I went with the spicy kung pao beef, both with brown rice.
Snap peas, chili peppers, carrots, signature kung pao, peanuts, scallions
Yellow/green onions, snap peas, sweet garlic soy

I tried a bite of Mary's and it was delicious.  Mine was delicious as well, but I think the beef was a tad over-done.  It was a little tough and there wasn't as much sauce to the overall dish as you would normally get. I could have sent it back, but I was hungry and we were both exhausted and ready to get home.  And the dish still had tons of great flavor.  It definitely had a kick, which I wanted, but it wasn't too powerful. The veggies were all cooked perfectly.

Am I going to let this one negative keep me from going back there?  Certainly not.  My parents really like it, so we'll definitely go when they come to visit in August.