#57 - Wing Stop, Tulsa, OK

In what's becoming a clear pattern, we always stop for lunch on our way to caravans.  Our options in Stillwater are just average, and this way we can check out new and fun places in other cities.  Tulsa obviously has tons of restaurants, but since our Wing Stop option turned out not to be one in Enid, we decided to go there on our way to Bartlesville.

I realize that Wing Stop totally goes against my original plan of not doing chain restaurants with more than 6 locations (there's 144 locations in California alone), but sometimes plans change.

The one we went to is in a strip mall right near the Fairgrounds. Mary assured me it was really good.  And I love wings.  So that was a pretty easy decision.  You order at the counter and they bring the food out to you. They do make the wings to order, so it takes a little time to get your food.  But I'd rather have that, and know they are hot and fresh, than wings that have just been sitting there forever.  They also have the Coke machine that lets you make your own flavors.  It's a cool thing, but personally I really only drink Diet Coke/Pepsi or Sprite Zero, so my options are pretty boring.

I'm a bone-in wings girl, so the only decision I had to make was the seasoning. They've got 10 different seasonings to choose from, and when I asked the guy at the counter he said lemon pepper before I even finished my sentence. Mary had said that was her favorite too.  I went ahead and got the combo meal with fries and a drink.  Mary got the same thing, same seasonings.

The fries were fresh, hot and crisp.  The wings were fantastic!  I love the lemon pepper.  It's not overly lemony, and the pepper is not spicy at all.  And the wings are nice and meaty.  It reminds me a lot of the lemon pepper wings at Frankie's Sports Bar in Dallas, but Wing Stop's aren't as greasy.

Will I go back?  Definitely!  It's a quick easy lunch, and very reasonably priced.

On a side note, as we got near Bartlesville I looked over to a field on the right and saw a donkey!  You heard right...a donkey.  Now maybe I saw one at the zoo when I was like 5, but other than that I'd never seen one live and in person before.  Neither had Mary.  So of course, we had to turn around and take a picture.  And obviously he knew we were papparazi, and he posed for us.

Apparently some people who have horses also have donkeys because they keep coyotes away.  We didn't believe the first couple people who told us...but then our Equestrian coach, Larry Sanchez, confirmed it.  And clearly he knows his stuff.  Neither of us had ever heard of that.  Then again, we both grew up in the city so this was a whole new adventure for us.  And apparently this donkey has been in Bartlesville for years.  But since we only go there once a year, for one day, we would never have known that.