#63 - Joey's Cafe, Oklahoma City OK

I usually fly Southwest Airlines to go back to Maryland, because they have a direct flight from OKC to BWI, there's no bag fees, and they don't charge stupid "guaranteed standby" fees like American Airlines does.  But it took me longer than normal to pick dates for my trip so by the time I finally did it, American was my only option.  Gripe #2...  My mom tried to gift me miles, but that was going to cost over $300.  So we booked the flight under her account, using my name.  I'm sure they will close that loophole soon too.  Absolutely ridiculous. 

My flight was scheduled for 7AM. Waking up at 3:30AM to make the flight is no fun, but I get to Maryland by noon so I get another half day there.  As I reached Edmond I just happened to notice that I had a voice mail.  It was from American Airlines, that my flight had been canceled.  I guess I appreciate the service, but the call came at 1AM when of course I was sound asleep.  They got me on another flight, but it wasn't until 10:30AM.  Gripe #3... since the new flight was on United I had to pay a bag fee (you don't pay it when you fly with miles on American).  They canceled the flight and put me on United, so I shouldn't have had to pay it. 

So I was stuck in OKC with nothing to do for about 2 hours.  And I was hungry.  And annoyed.

I don't know much about breakfast spots in OKC, so I went onto TripAdvisor and decided to try Joey's Café.  It's located in a strip mall just down the street from Northpark Mall.  It had gotten good reviews so I figured why not.

The sign outside the restaurant and their website are very modern looking, but the inside of the restaurant looks very dated.  The upholstery on some of the booths are ripped, and a lot of the furniture just looks kind of old.  Not bad, just in need of a serious update.  And I can't tell what kind of look they're going for.  It's kind of a mix between an Italian café and a diner.  Odd combination, but it's the food that's important.

The menu isn't huge, but I couldn't decide what to eat.  My server was very patient as I contemplated all the choices, and tried to help me make decisions.  I thought about the pancakes, because I'd read a few good reviews on them, but she said they were huge.  And I didn't want the "colossal" omelet for the same reason.  So I went old school, with the 2 egg breakfast with bacon.  All the egg dishes come with home fries or fruit, plus a choice of toast, biscuits, pancakes or an English muffin.  Again that was too much food, so I just did hash browns and fruit.

For some reason my camera kept taking fuzzy pictures, so it's pointless to post it here. 

My eggs were cooked over easy, just the way I wanted.  The 3 strips of bacon were crisp and delicious.  There was a ton of hash browns--much more than I expected, but they were hot and perfectly browned on top.  In hindsight I should have gotten wheat toast to eat with the eggs, but I love hash browns.  I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more of the fruit. The strawberries and oranges were fresh and good, but the pineapple was just average.  But I'm also very picky about pineapple.

Will I go back?  Yes!  My server was very friendly, kept my coffee filled and helped me decide what to eat.  And the food was good and came out very fast, which is the way it should be for breakfast.